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Safar 6, 1440

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

Pakistan Standard Time 10:17 am



Select in the table below to hear the pronounciation of that particular Urdu word.

Some of the audio files have not been completed yet but we are working on them. If you are interested in learning Urdu, drop us an email and we will inform you once these audio files are completed. Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your continued patience.

  English Dansk Urdu Audio
0 zero nul sifar
1 on en ek
2 two to do
3 three tre tīn
4 four fire cār
5 five fem pānc
6 six seks chay
7 seven syv sāt
8 eight otte āth
9 nine ni nau
10 ten ti das
11 eleven elleve gyārah
12 twelve tolv bārah
13 thirteen tretten terah
14 fourteen fjorten caudah
15 fiveteen femten pandrah
16 sixteen seksten solah
17 seventeen sytten satrah, sattarah
18 eighteen atten athārah
19 nineteen nitten unnīs
20 twenty tyve bīs
21 twentyone enogtyve ikkīs
22 twentytwo toogtyve bāīs
23 twentythree treogtyve teīs
24 twentyfire fireogtyve caubīs
25 twentyfive femogtyve paccīs
26 twentysix seksogtyve chabbīs
27 twentyseven syvogtyve sattāīs
28 twentyeight otteogtyve athāīs
29 twentynine niogtyve untīs
30 thirty tredive tīs
31 thirtyone enogtredive iktīs
32 thirtytwo toogtredive battīs
33 thirtythree treogtredive taińtīs
34 thirtyfour fireogtredive cauńtīs
35 thirtyfive femogtredive paińtīs
36 thirtysix seksogtredive chattīs
37 thirtyseven syvogtredive saińtīs
38 thirtyeight otteogtredive artīs
39 thirtynine niogtredive untālīs
40 fourty fyrre cālīs
41 fourtyone enogfyrre iktālīs
42 fourtytwo toogfyrre bayālīs
43 fourtythree treogfyrre teńtālīs
44 fourtyfour fireogfyrre cavālīs
45 fourtyfive femogfyrre paińtālīs
46 fourtysix seksogfyrre chiyālīs
47 fourtyseven syvogfyrre saińtālīs
48 fourtyeight otteogfyrre artālīs
49 fourtynine niogfyrre uncās
50 fifty halvtreds pacās
51 fiftyone enoghalvtreds ikāvan
52 fiftytwo tooghalvtreds bāvan
53 fiftythree treoghalvtreds tirpan
54 fiftyfour fireoghalvtreds cauvan
55 fiftyfive femoghalvtreds pacpan
56 fiftysix seksoghalvtreds chappan
57 fiftyseven syvoghalvtreds sattāvan
58 fiftyeight otteoghalvtreds athāvan
59 fiftynine nioghalvtreds unsath
60 sixty tres sāth
61 sixtyone enogtres iksath
62 sixtytwo toogtres bāsath
63 sixtythree treeogtres tirsath
64 sixtyfour fireogtres causath
65 sixtyfive femogtres paińsath
66 sixtysix seksogtres chiyāsath
67 sixtyseven syvogtres sarsath
68 sixtyeight otteogtres arsath
69 sixtynine niogtres unhattar
70 seventy halvfjerds sattar
71 seventyone enoghalvfjerds ikhattar
72 seventytwo tooghalvfjerds bahattar
73 seventythree treoghalvfjerds tihattar
74 seventyfour fireoghalvfjerds cauhattar
75 seventyfive femoghalvfjerds pachattar
76 seventysix seksoghalvfjerds chihattar
77 seventyseven syvoghalvfjerds sathattar
78 seventyeight otteoghalvfjerds athhattar
79 seventynine nioghalvfjerds unnāsī
80 eighty firs assī
81 eightyone enogfirs ikāsī
82 eightytwo toogfirs bayāsī
83 eightythree treogfirs tirāsī
84 eightyfour fireogfirs caurāsī
85 eightyfive femogfirs pacāsī
86 eightysix seksogfirs chiyāsī
87 eightyseven syvogfirs sattāsī
88 eightyeight otteogfirs athāsī
89 eightynine niogfirs navāsī
90 ninety halvfems navve
91 ninetyone enoghalvfems ikyānve
92 ninetytwo tooghalvfems bānve
93 ninetythree treoghalvfems tirānve
94 ninetyfour fireoghalvfems caurānve
95 ninetyfive femoghalvfems pacānve
96 ninetysix seksoghalvfems chiyānve
97 ninetyseven syvoghalvfems sattānve
98 ninetyeight otteoghalvfems atthānve
99 ninetynine nioghalvfems ninyānve
100 hundred hundrede sau
200 two hundred tohundrede do sau
300 three hundred trehundrede tīn sau
400 four hundred firehundrede car sau
500 five hundred femhundrede pāńc sau
600 six hundred sekshundrede chah sau
700 seven hundred syvhundrede sāt sau
800 eight hundred ottehundrede āth sau
900 nine hundred nihundrede nau sau
1,000 thousand tusind hazār
100,000 hundred thousand hundredetusind lākh

Ordinal Number / Ordenstal
  English Dansk Urdu Audio
1st First Fųrste pahlā
2nd Second Andet dūsrā
3rd Third Tredje tīsrā
4th Fourth Fjerde cauthā
5th Fifth Femte pāncvān
6th Sixth Sjette chathā
7th Seventh Syvende sātvān
8th Eighth Ottende āthvān
9th Nineth Niende nauvān
10th Tenth Tiende dasvān

Doubling / Fordoblngstal
  English Dansk Urdu Audio
2 x Double Dobbelt do gunā, dugnā, dohrā
3 x Three times tredobbelt tīn gunā
4 x Four times Firedobbelt cār gunā

Fraction / Brųktal
  English Dansk Urdu Audio
1/2 half halv ādhā
1/3 one third en tredjedel tihāī
1/4 one fourth en fjerdedel cauthāī
3/4 three quarters tre fjerdedel paunā
The Times, London

United Kingdom

Mr. Jinnah was something more than Quaid-e-Azam, supreme head of the State, to the people who followed him; he was more even than the architect of the Islamic nation he personally called into being. He commanded their imagination as well as their confidence. In the face of difficulties which might have overwhelmed him, it was given to him to fulfil the hope foreshadowed in the inspired vision of the great Iqbal by creating for the Muslims of India a homeland where the old glory of Islam could grow afresh into a modern state, worthy of its place in the community of nations. Few statesmen have shaped events to their policy more surely than Mr. Jinnah. He was a legend even in his lifetime.

Editorial: The Times (London), September 13, 1948
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